Intuition is basically knowing something without having facts or scientific evidence on how you know details about something or the outcome of an event.

Essentially, it’s the feeling we get in our heart or gut. In some cases, you may not even know if you are accurate about what you know. You may have to get proof from a person or research to find out if your intuition is correct. Though we may not have proof yet, it is important to learn to listen to and follow our intuition.

Everyone Has Intuition

Everyone has intuition. Maybe you’ve had that moment where you just knew someone was going to call before they did. Perhaps you knew that someone wasn’t telling you the truth. If you’ve ever had a sixth sense not to go into the stairwell in the parking lot one night, it was your intuition warning you. 

It’s not just a warning signal as contemporary information tries to label intuition. You can use it to find the best decisions for you in your business and life. Intuition is a type of intelligence that can tap into what is in your best interest in any situation or decision. 

Intuition Is Often Overlooked

Intuition can be subtle for many people most of the time. It’s an inward sense. There are so many distractions in our lives and, at times, even other people distract us from listening to our inner senses. It’s all too easy to ask a friend or counselor for their advice on a decision. Friends will often offer their opinion right away. A counselor who is trained with a good school teaches you how to listen to yourself, to your inner voice.

Intuition is often subtle so if you’re not used to listening or trusting yourself, you may dismiss it and override it. If you haven’t practiced using your intuition, then it will come and go. You can make it more constant in your business decisions by using it more regularly with practice.

The current state of our country as we walk through the COVID-19 health crisis brings both a great deal of noise AND simultaneously a great opportunity for valuable time to slow down and learn to listen to our intuition.



Why Use Intuition in Your Business

According to Inc and Forbes, intuition gives you an edge in business. It taps into unknown knowledge that moves past limitations. You’ll no longer have excuses or reasons why you can’t do something. Using your intuition, you tap into a segment of your imagination that is combined with knowledge. 

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” -Napoleon Hill

Geniuses like Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla also used intuition to solve equations and build inventions. Even modern geniuses like the late Steve Jobs and Elon Musk use intuition to build their businesses. Using intuition in your business gives you a form of intelligence, imagination, and competitive analysis that could lead to innovating a new wave of business, marketing, products, or even services. Turning to your intuition as a guide has the amazing potential to transform you and your business beyond anything you have imagined until this moment!

Fear Not – Your Intuition Often Knows Best

In the event you ever feel fear about using your intuition, I want to help you put those fears to rest. By tuning into your intuition, you will gain more trust with using it as you practice. If you simply just turn it off and never practice, you may not ever know the full benefits it can bring to your business and life. 

Using your intuition can often open doors to information. If you ever feel bombarded by feelings or information that comes in, you can always take a break and rest from it. 

Fear is usually reflected in the fact that as humans we do not like the unknown. We’d rather feel safe and secure most of the time. The unknown is scary. 

Intuition speaks without fear. It doesn’t hold onto emotion. It gives higher guidance towards what you’re asking about. If you feel fear, you can always address it and ask what your fear is trying to tell you.


When you’re afraid is one of the best times to use your intuition because you will tune into a greater sense of knowing that brings relief. It bypasses fear and delivers the truth. As you learn and grow using your intuition, you will start to rely on it more and more.

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