3 Simple Ways To Make The House Smell Amazing 

As humans, our sense of smell plays a large role in our everyday lives, whether we realize it or not. Scents have the ability to change our mood, change how we interact with others, and even play a large role in our ability to recall memories.

In fact, studies find that scent is so closely linked to memory, that people can remember a scent with 65% accuracy after one year, where visual memory drops to nearly 50% after only a few months. This is because when we smell a scent it goes straight to the brain’s olfactory bulb, which is directly connected to the amygdala and the hippocampus.

All technical terms aside, scents are oftentimes linked by the brain with memories. Maybe it’s the smell of your mom’s cooking, a certain flower or a perfume; certain scents can bring you right back to a memory as if it happened just yesterday. Scents have the ability to change our mood.

You can use scents to your advantage to spike your hygge holiday spirit and make your home smell amazing.

Hygge is all about peace and comfort.

It’s also about creating multi-sensory environments that allow you to fully feel and experience the moment and season you are in. Many of us take time to clean, design our interior and even select music to move us into our desired mood – but our sense of smell can often be an overlooked wonder.

Here 3 simple ideas to fill your home with wonderful and memorable scents this holiday…

1) Scented candles are a wonderful way to make your home look and smell festive and inviting for the holiday season. Having lit candles around your home will most definitely add to your hygge vibe.

The warm glow will make rooms feel cozy and comfortable. Not only do candles look and feel homey, they also smell great. Almost all stores sell scented candles these days, but for higher quality scents, get your candles at a store that sells candles exclusively. If you have a local candle maker near you, even better!

Scents like warm vanilla, cinnamon apple, sugar plum and peppermint are some holiday favorites. If you don’t love using candles, consider an infuser with essential oils, like this one I like to use from dTERRA. 

2) Another way to make your home smell amazing for the holidays is with fresh greenery. Use of a freshly cut fir tree, a fresh wreath or some branches from an aromatic evergreen are great ways to keep your hygge home smelling and feeling joyful.

If fresh trees and branches are not naturally available in your area, check with some of the home improvement stores. Look for some of the best smelling evergreens, which are the Scotch pine, Douglas Fir, White Spruce and Noble Fir trees.

3) Last, but not least, baking homemade holiday treats always keeps your home filled with sweet and savory scents. Not only is baking and cooking seasonal treats a perfect hygge activity, it ensures your home smells good, naturally. If you have any traditional holiday family recipes, those will work great. Or, start a sweet smelling traditional recipe of your own with your loved ones.

No matter which route you take, keep your home smelling festive for a relaxing hygge holiday. Baking for people with a variety of food allergies or specialty diets, check out one of my favorite bloggers – Minimalist Baker.

When are the scents that come to mind when you think of your childhood or other cherished life events?