Video: Does It Matter? Yes!

Have you been ignoring video, hoping it will just go away? Or worse, thinking you can accomplish the same goals without it? 

I’m here to tell you that video is here to stay.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and thousands of hours of video are uploaded each and every day.

Video clips on social platforms such as Facebook enjoy far more engagement than do plain text or even image-based updates. And when it comes to training programs, most people prefer video to text—or at least a combination of the two. 

And now with streaming video, this new marketing channel has become even more important. 

In addition to all of that, video is easy to produce—especially the new streaming services. Simply prop up your smartphone, log into your preferred app and viola! You’re LIVE. 

And because it’s a live, streaming video, your viewers likely have less expectation of perfection.

For example, with a scripted webinar, they expect a certain polish. But with streaming video, you can get away with a much more lighthearted, go-with-the-flow style. It’s perfect for Q&A sessions, special announcements, group coaching, or anything else where you simply want to connect with your audience, and there’s no agenda.

Video May Be Here To Stay, BUT Don’t Abandon Your Other Marketing Channels

We see this happen a lot—a hot new marketing tool or strategy comes along, and all of a sudden everyone is on board—much to the detriment of his or her tried-and-true methods.

Remember, you have loyal fans on many platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and your blog. These fans won’t always be quick to move to a new site just to stay in touch.

You owe it to them to maintain your presence on other social sites as well. 

So while Facebook Live (and other streaming video services) definitely matter when it comes to your overall marketing efforts, it’s not the end-all, be-all tool that will outshine all others. Yet, it is an important tool to have in your toolbox.

Should you start incorporating live video into your social activity? Yes.
Should you abandon everything else you are already doing. No.

Find a balance and start by going live once a week or once every other week. Perhaps pose a question to your audience that they have been asking and then post your answer via live video.

This allows you to connect with your already engaged audience in a meaningful way while also providing the opportunity to engage new customers or clients who may be drawn in via video.