The Importance Of Critical Thinking In Problem Solving

We are in a unique time in our history. We are facing a health pandemic and fear is rising across the globe. As online business owners, it is important to evaluate our businesses objectively and consider how to keep our businesses sustainable during this crisis. 

One of the best skills you can develop during a crisis, and in general life, is problem-solving. If you can get good at this one skill, it will become easier to move ahead in your career, move into more of a leadership position and deal with everyday problems that pop up without stressing about them. 

Let’s take a closer look at how critical thinking can help us solve the problems big and small that we all encounter throughout our lives. As it turns out, critical thinking is one of the best problem-solving tools out there. 

It’s A Logical Process 

When faced with a big problem it’s easy to get overwhelmed and ready to stick your head in the sand. By focusing on the problem in a way that taps into your critical thinking skills, you quickly get over the initial fear. Critical thinking gives you something easy to do right away – gathering data. Then you work through a logical process that helps you sort and analyze all the information you’ve discovered. It’s all very logical and step-by-step. 

How can you use your skills in a way to add value to those who may need to start working and interacting in the online space for the first time?

It Helps Us Overcome Bias 

As a result of this logical process, it’s a good strategy for overcoming bias. It doesn’t matter how the bias came about in the first place. You could be emotionally involved in the situation or shaded one way or the other by previous experiences. 

Critical thinking forces you to stay logical and evaluate the facts. There’s no room for emotions or bias to get in the way of making the best choices. Give it a try and see for yourself. It works particularly well when you’re feeling very emotional about an issue or problem.

Start by acknowledging your own fears. What is the worst-case scenario that you feel is looming over your head? Make a plan with steps to take to address these fears in a realistic, logical way. 

If Focuses Our Efforts And Makes Us Analyze Things 

Last but not least, let’s talk about my favorite aspect of critical thinking. Because it’s logical and step-by-step, it helps you zero in on the important stuff. It’s so easy to get lost in too many options and choices. What you need is a process that helps you wade through the data and focus on what you need to consider to solve the problem. You can disregard the rest as it’s just noise.

Critical thinking makes you analyze your options, the information you have, and then focus all your efforts on finding the best solution to your problem. That’s a great skill and something that will serve you well in this overwhelming and at times stressful world.

So, take a deep breath. Revisit your business goals and plans and determine which areas you can continue to move forward without changing and then identify those areas that may need to be adjusted and make a plan for how to keep your business moving forward in an ever-changing season of life.