If you want to build a business that supports your lifestyle and practically runs itself, you’ve made the right choice to get involved with and participate in this challenge.

There are essential factors to consider if you really want to build a business that gives you time freedom and supports your lifestyle – rather than treating your business as if it’s just another job that you have to work at 8 plus hours a day. 

Instead, you really can build a business around your life that provides enough income to do the things you deem important. If you want to travel, you can build a flexible business that allows you to travel. If you want to focus on raising your children, you can also do that while also creating a company that supports that choice. 

In fact, if you want to build a 40-hour-a-week job, you can do that too. Heck, with your own business, you can easily work every hour that you’re awake if that is what you want to do. Honestly, if you can build a business that supports your lifestyle, why wouldn’t you?

Your options are incredible today due to fast internet connections and technology. 

Determine the Lifestyle You Want to Live

Take some time to explore what you really want out of life. Try to get out of your comfort zone so that you can truly imagine all the possibilities. Maybe you want to travel, and you need to design a business that allows you to travel more. Perhaps you want to be there 100 percent of the time for your children as they grow, and you need a business that allows for that. Maybe you just want to make a lot of money so you can buy all the luxuries you’ve always wanted. There is no right or wrong answer. It is, after all, your life. 

What Do You Really Care About?

One way to craft a life that you love living is to focus on the things you are passionate about. What is something you really love? Who are the people you would like to help or serve? What skills do you already know and what skills are you willing to learn to support that idea?

Brainstorm Your Business Ideas 

Combining your dream lifestyle with your passions helps you find the ideal business idea for you. If you already have a business idea, that’s okay. Remember that you may have to change some of your thoughts as you go through this challenge. For example, if you want to travel a lot, being an English Teacher online and needing a reliable internet connection might not work. But it can work to support you while you build your lifestyle business. 

Research Your Ideas 

From your brainstorming, you may have come up with a few ideas. Make sure you research them. You need to know fundamentally what is required to produce the deliverables. If you can get a clear view of the day in the life of someone who does the business you want to start, it will help you know if this is a good idea or not.

Create a Business Plan 

Once you have your business idea, it will help you to create a business plan. Even a one-page plan can help you get organized. A business plan just needs to cover your plan for your business in every aspect of it. Include your value proposition, your solution, the competition, your target market, sales and marketing plans, budget and sales goals, milestones you plan to experience, team and resource summary, stakeholders, and any funding needs should all be covered in your plan. Even if no one looks at it, ultimately, your plan will help you design each of your workdays.

Automate, Systemize, and Outsource 

Once you know what has to be done to create the product or perform the service your business is marketing, you will need to set out automating, designing systems, and outsourcing as much as you can so that you are the manager of your business instead of the worker in your business. 

The key to success is to be realistic about what you like doing, what you really can do, and what needs to be done to see your dream to fruition. Maybe at first, you will have to devote 20 plus hours a week doing all the work yourself, but eventually, if you automate, systemize, and outsource strategically, you will succeed in business – a business that practically runs itself so that you can live the lifestyle that you desire so strongly. 

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