You want to be more productive, right?

Get more stuff done.

You also want your business to be profitable.

Nobody wants their businesses to simply be an expensive hobby.

As a business owner I want to enjoy my work AND I want to have an income that meets my financial goals. Most of us think we have to make some big leaps to get there. But here’s the big secret. It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you focus on consistency and do something to make progress every single day, you’ll greatly increase your chances of success. 

Think back on the parable of the turtle and the hare. There’s a lot of truth in that old story and it applies to all areas of your life, including your business. Yes, you can go all out and get a lot of work done all at once. There’s a time and place for that. For example, you may put long and hard hours in for a week or two to prepare for a new product launch, or when you’re first setting up your website. It shouldn’t be your default strategy. Why? Because you’ll burn out. 

The hustle may be necessary at points in your business, but it’s not a long-term strategy for growth and profitability.

Burnout is a serious problem. Most entrepreneurs and small business owners have experienced it and it can take a long time to get over it. A much better strategy – aside from those brief periods of hustle – is consistency. If you make an effort to get something done every single day, you’ll make a lot of progress in the long run. Over the course of a year, you will go further and your business will grow more than if you overdo it and then go into a slump because you have no energy for anything else. 

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. It’s much easier to motivate yourself to get something done that takes fifteen minutes and to do it every day, than something that takes you hours. It’s much easier to justify not doing something that’s hard or takes a long time. Instead, keep it easy, make it fun, and get into the habit of doing it each and every day. In the long run, you’ll get a lot more done if you put in half an hour per day, six days a week, than working for two hours once or twice a week. 

We recently spent some time on the blog talking about habits. Building habits is one way how consistency can help you grow your business. But there’s something else that will work in your favor when you start to put in a small bit of effort every day. You will start to build momentum that will carry you much further than you would have gotten otherwise. This month, we are going to take a look at some actionable steps you can take to become more consistent in your online presence and marketing.

You don’t need to do all the things. You just need to do the right things consistently.

I encourage you to shift your mindset towards a focus on consistency that will allow you to continue growing, expanding, and most importantly moving the needle in the right direction when it comes to your bottom line. You don’t need to do all the things, you just need to do the right things consistently and I’m going to give you a roadmap of how to do that. Stay tuned here at the blog and follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to get all of my tips and tricks for steadily growing your business and increasing your profitability.

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