Email marketing has distinct advantages compared to other media platforms.

Why you ask?

Simply put it is customizable and direct. Email marketing allows you to connect with individuals directly in their inbox rather than indirectly via various social media platforms. 

The Direct Marketing Association reports that email marketing on average sees a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI) for businesses in the US. That my friends is a massive return!

Building an email opt-in list allows you to market your services and/or products directly to consumers who have expressed an interest. 

With email marketing you can create a trusted connection with potential customers simply by giving them something of value for free. You are the expert and as such potential customers will remember you based on the valuable information you have already provided them with!

Another reason you need an email list is simply because it is your own list. Social Media is here to stay, there is no doubt but Social Media platforms sometimes fade in popularity.

Running your own list guarantees your connection with potential customers. 

 No matter what happens with various social media platforms your list will always put you in touch with your potential customer base. 

Email lists also offer you trackability which is a crucial piece of information in your marketing plan.

Most email marketing platforms offer several tracking features such as who opened it, what links they clicked and if they shared the email.

This is valuable information for you and your business. 

Your email list is a turning point to sales!

If people are joining your email list they are already interested in the products and/or services – all that’s left is to keep the interest going. Email lists also keep you and you’re company fresh in the minds of potential customers.

With the fast paced media driven world we live in it is easy to forget all the various connections you make, keeping your email list current with your business news keeps you fresh in their minds.