Why you may want to switch it up and why you want a mobile office setup.

For one thing, working for yourself, from home,  some people end up feeling very isolated and even bored.

This might especially be true in the early days of building your location- and time-independent business since you’re probably not dealing with clients that often on a one-to-one basis.

Instead, you are dealing with a lot of numbers and technology.  


Yet, you are still having to do the daily grind because you’re not yet making enough money to truly be all that independent and free.

No worries; there are many ways you can overcome that feeling of aloneness when working from home. 




Invest in a Laptop


It depends on the type of work that you do, but most people work better with a larger screen and a laptop rather than smaller mobile technology. However, if you want a tablet and a cordless keyboard that can work, too – depending on the type of business you’re running. Many authors swear by their iPad and portable keyboard to use on location. 


Get a Really Good Smartphone


Now that you have a business, having a good smartphone that enables you to use your office software and other software that you use for your business will come in very handy, whether you are home or not. You can do a lot of your email business right from your smartphone, no matter where you are.


Find Coworking Spaces


One awesome invention of the last few years is connected coworking spaces. You can join one coworking membership near you and use the coworking spaces all over the country and even the world. These coworking spaces are set up to offer a community working room, internet access, and even meeting rooms, offices, and more if you need them.


Look for Connected Coffee Shops


Many coffee shops like to think of themselves as an informal coworking space. All you do is spend a little money on their beverages so that you’re not just jacking their internet juice without paying, and you’re in. Something about sitting with others who are reading, working, and smelling coffee gets the creative juices flowing. 


Find an Internet Café


These are popping up all over the world and are very popular among the nomadic movement population. People who love to travel, live, and work on the road swear by a good internet café. 


Try Out the Library 


If you haven’t been to your library for a long time, you may want to give it a try. Many libraries have come a long way and are very connected. They also often encourage the work-at-home community to use their facilities and make it easy for you to join them. 


Check Out Meetup.com 


If you want to meet other like-minded people, one way to go about that is to check out Meetup for local nomads who work using internet technology. Meeting these types of people, especially if that’s where you hope to end up, is very encouraging and motivating. 


Join Local Facebook Groups 


Just like Meetup has local groups, so does Facebook. You may be surprised at what is hiding right under your nose in your current community in terms of coworking spaces, meetings, and education for anyone with a home or internet business. 



The more you work on building your mobile office set up so that you can easily work from wherever you are, the less stuck you’re going to feel.


Being around new people and seeing new sights and hearing new sounds when you’re not feeling as connected as you’d like will bring new energy and creativity to your business-building journey.