A very exciting freelance position is that of a freelance cook, chef, or food blogger. People love watching food videos, and of course, people love to eat.

They also like having get-togethers with amazing food for their friends, whether at a wedding, baby shower, or another type of party.

As a freelance cook or chef, you can offer these things to your customers, and you can also become a food blogger to help market your services.


Some ways that you can freelance as a cook:


Lunch or Meeting Food Delivery and Service


You can work directly with small to medium-sized businesses to offer specialty lunch, and food delivery, during their meetings or even on a regular basis. You’ll offer set menus that they choose from, and then you just take it to them. Usually, this will be for at least ten people at a time to make it worth it so that you can gain some income due to economies of scale.


Party and Event Catering


Everyone has parties for weddings, showers, graduations, and other life events. Set up some themes and menu ideas with a set number of servings to help people choose a good menu. You can set it all up and deliver the food and even serve it if you want to earn extra money for full-service work.


Cooking and Delivery for Shut-ins


Most people work past retirement age these days. This has caused a problem for people with aging parents who need additional help but who still want to live in their own homes. Some people hire others to take meals to their parents or shut-ins pay for themselves if they want that type of service. You might cook the food and provide it with instructions for serving, or you might want to stay there and serve too.


Working as an Independent Personal Chef


You can also work as a personal chef for several families. You will still go cook the food in their place, but you will cook a week’s worth at a time, store it in their freezer and fridge with reheating and preparing instructions. You can also charge more for one meal cooked and served inside the home but instead of working for just one family, work with five – giving each family one meal a week prepared and served at home.


Some food blogging ideas:


Blog About a Specific Style of Food


When you set up your blog, it’s better to niche it down and specialize in the topic. You may want to talk about one type of food, such as Mediterranean food or low-carb food, or fat-free food, or vegan food. It’s up to you about what you’re interested in. But when you get specific, it makes it easier for your audience to find you because they will go looking for that one thing.


Blog About Your Daily Work


If you’re also a personal chef or cook that freelances for others, you can even just blog about your workday and what you’re doing right now. People find it very interesting to get a look behind the scenes with a “day in the life” of different types of people. Add in some fun recipes, and you’ll have a lot of visitors. Use YouTube to demonstrate your recipes and work, and you’ll get even more.


Blog All the Recipes You Create


Always blog about every recipe you create that fits in with the genre you’ve chosen for your blog. The more you can show, even if it’s things beginners should know, the more people who will get something from your blog. Use video and put it on YouTube to give yourself another avenue of promotion.


Blog About the Equipment and Tools You Use


This is a great way to make some affiliate cash on the things you’re using. Any ingredients or tools that you use are fair game. Just find a link for it through the affiliate program they offer or by joining Amazon’s Affiliate program, so that you can promote all their products and earn extra money.


You can make this freelance gig as hands-on or as hands-off as you want to be. Humans love reading about food and watching things about food, so you can never go wrong with this freelance idea if you have a love of and knack for cooking.



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