It’s time to pull everything together, stack your efforts and watch your growth EXPLODE!


We’re coming to the end of our mid-year biz health check-in and review. Over the last few weeks we’ve assessed the health of our business by taking a look at the numbers, did some goal setting, and worked on our business plan  to boost our businesses and remind ourselves of what matters, what’s working, and where we need to invest our time for the rest of this year.

OF COURSE, what we all want to see from this investment is GROWTH.

Much of what we’ve discussed so far has been actionable steps like tracking your date and writing down your goals. Today is all about putting everything we’ve discussed so far and combining it into something that can give you that explosive growth you want.

You see when you use the basic concept of exponential growth to your advantage, it doesn’t take very much progress in any one area to see big results. We briefly touched on this idea back when we talked about increasing traffic, subscribers, and customers to add to our bottom line.

Today we expand on this whole idea in a few different ways and tie it all back into setting goals and business planning in general.

CheeThe idea is to make progress on your goals and stack them in a way that gives you leverage. Here’s an example. Let’s say your first goal is to grow your current part time income by $500 a month so you can quit your day job.

Following the example in this post, you come up with a way to get that done by growing your traffic, subscribers, and customers. Since you were able to then quit your day job, you have more time and energy to put into growing your business.

You set more ambitious goals and add another $2,000 to your bottom line. Instead of taking everything out in profit, you decide to continue to work on this whole leverage idea. 

You set aside $100 a month to play around with Facebook ads to see if you can turn that into a profitable income stream. You take another $200 to start outsourcing some of the ongoing tasks that hold you back. You hire your first VA and now you’re really making progress.

This in turn gets the attention of a fellow online entrepreneur in a related niche who wants to work on a project together. Do you see how this works? 

One goal builds on the next and they all work together to generate exponential growth. Of course this is just one little example. This can work in a myriad of different ways and will of course differ from one business to the next. My point is this… 

If you start to think strategically and keep one eye on your next few moves, you can start to stack your efforts and engineer that explosive growth in a lot less time than you may think. The key is three-fold:

1. Be consistent in following your plan.
2. Evaluate regularly.
3. Always be looking for opportunities!

Give it a try – I can’t wait to hear what YOUR strategy looks like and the explosive growth that resulted from the time you spent planning and implementing your goals!

Cheers to healthy, profitable, growing businesses!