“Google it.”


Isn’t it funny how technology affects our lives. Not only does it change how we do things, it changes our vocabulary.


But turning “Google” into a verb shouldn’t be a surprise. Google is the second largest social network in the world. It is THE place to go to when searching for anything on the internet. How many people can even name another search engine?



What pizza places are nearby? What’s the best price on lawn services? Who has that ridiculously overpriced doll that my kid must have for Christmas?


This is great news for you as a business owner. If you play your cards right you can ensure your business is one of the first names, if not the #1 name, to pop up when locals search for your product or service.


The gist of how it works? Google indexes everything posted on the internet, and this index determines search engine results. Meaning? The more “keywords” and relevant information on your website the more likely YOUR website will be the first result to pop up. You’ve heard of SEO, “Search Engine Optimization?” Bingo!


HOWEVER, you must be strategic when optimizing your website. You can’t sprinkle “lawn service” 500 times on your site to get results.


There are 7 steps to make your website stand out on Google.


But before you beef up your website, make sure you’ve let Google know you have a legitimate business:


  • Create a google for business page
  • Complete a profile
  • Add photos and other relevant images
  • Verify page and location.


Now then, let’s tackle that website!


  1. Roundup reviews

Word of mouth is one of the most trusted sources for recommendations. Even on the internet. Ask anyone you’ve worked with to help out … assuming things ended well. Lol. Ask clients, coworkers, old contacts within your industry, even friends and family. Anyone that knows you and your business can give a review.


  1. Perform SEO

Remember what we discussed earlier about keywords and relevant information? Watson, my dear fellow, it’s time to investigate.  ____(I know nothing of SEO so I must divert back to you here)____


  1. Publish blog articles

Having a blog helps in so many ways. Not only does it prove your expertise and build trust, it helps Google notice you. The more relevant information you share the more Google sees you as a good source to show in search results.


  1. Create advertisements

When you Google something what’s the very first thing that pops up?

“Thing you searched for” [ad]

Google likes paying customers. Who doesn’t? If you want to hold that coveted first spot in a Google search purchase an advertisement. You know the phrase, “You’ve got to spend money to earn money?” It’s not always the case, but an advertisement on Google is well worth the money.


  1. Share industry related news

If writing original content all the time feels daunting, don’t worry. Sharing and writing about relevant information within the industry is another great way to get noticed. You can discuss recent big news or add your two cents to another article you found interesting. Just make sure what you’re writing about is interesting and relevant to your customers as well.


  1. Stay active and be present

Not gonna lie, one of the hardest parts about having a website is consistency and engagement. You have SO many things to do to successfully manage your business every day. Keeping up with a website and engaging with people through your site seem like small potatoes. Don’t forget! Your website is the very first impression you make in a potential customer or client. If it’s poorly done and not current, people will assume your business is the same. Take the time, make the effort. Even if you have to pay someone to do it for you, having an active and engaging website will pay dividends in the end.


Need to show your website some love? Get your free 7 step checklist here to get started!

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