Why Moms Make Better Business Owners?


Are you a mother and a business owner? We, the mompreneurs are the only breed on earth who work 365.25 days a year, year after year, every year! Yet, we are one of the most aspiring, at the same time contented souls. Our babies and our passion are harbingers of placidity for us. Do you agree with me?I am a working mother with an extremely naughty little daughter who doesn’t stay put for a single second unless she is asleep. My baby’s mood is incomprehensible. She wants a thing now and she doesn’t want it. All at the same time! I am sure all mommies can relate to this. It is not easy being a mother. Wait for it – how about being a mother and running your own business? Did hell just break loose? No worries, the breed called mompreneurs can


tap that as well.

Multi Task

We are natural at multi-tasking. We can be on the phone, take notes, change the baby’s diaper, go attend the doorbell, check the oven, turn the gas off, pick the Legos, supervise the cook, come back to check an email from the client and respond efficiently. Can anybody else have such ingenious multitasking powers? I am sure you don’t even want to agree on that!

Function being sleepless

We can do with barely 5-6 hours of sleep. I don’t say it is a good thing. But we do function pretty well even in zombie mode. We wake up multiple times to feed our babies, and then in the middle of the night to attend a cross-continental meeting from the other side of the globe, and then we wake up once more – just before it is time to wake up again. Yet, our day goes normal. We manage business, our Oh-everything-is-an-emergency kind of clients, our children, sometimes our husbands too! Can anybody else do that? No momma!

Work under Pressure


We are awesome at the last minute. I am typing an important email to my prospective client. I am telling myself, I have to be my best because I have to crack this deal. I am checking for grammatical errors, spellings, sentence structure, points and statements for the third time. I am about to hit the send button and the keyboard goes **BOOM**. I see little hands thumping my laptop like it is a new play-drum toy. The letters going all over the screen; the window closing out; the system shutting down and I sit awestruck. After I have recovered, I type out another email. Guess what? This one is way better than the previous one and I cracked the opportunity. That is how you do it under pressure, isn’t it?


As much as we work to make our career, our children also become one of the main reasons to excel in our business. We work; we want to succeed to give our children a better life; to secure their future. We have a strong driving force that keeps the oil burning. If not for anything else, it is to keep our inner soul at peace while we move along chaos. If not for anything else, it is for our children.



I have to admit that I have the smartest daughter. I honestly believe that I need to outsmart her in order to have a sane life. I have begun to think in angles which otherwise, would have never struck my copious mind. But for my baby, I wouldn’t have improvised on my cognitive functionalism. With this, you become an expert at negotiations and do trade smartly. Of course you have a super adamant and super cute opponent.

You learn to chill


Surmounting ferocious tantrums on a daily basis makes you a person who can smile when your kid is spreading jam on the teapoy. There is nothing you can do to stop him/her. Instead, you sit back and have fun till it is time to bring the scrub. You learn to chill. This quality mediates to bring truce and peace to your anxious fighting mind in times of business conflicts. It has worked for me. I am much more intelligent emotionally now, after being a mother than I was two years prior. I get to deal with nasty situations as part of my business routine. I wouldn’t have done it in a way I do it now. The credit definitely goes to the mommy brain (Oops).

Socially Confident


As a mommy, you tend to discuss about the baby and her needs in groups, forums almost habitually. This makes you very comfortable with strangers. You make pre-loved deals work without putting on the anxiety hat. It also makes this world a better place when you trust someone. Endorphin’s come hugging when there is a stranger helping you out passionately. Likewise, crowd sourcing becomes comfortable amongst your peer groups once you know there are people willing to help you. I am self-assured now, than I was before. I am sure you too are!Your learning process is incessant. Your strength is massive. Fighting spirit is at an all-time high. Purpose is rock-solid. Attitude is kick-ass. With all of this, you make for a ferocious business woman. Do you agree? Yes, this is why moms make for such good entrepreneurs. Are you one? You are awesome, keep going.

Guest Blogger: Roshni S

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